Support for multiple monitors

The Random Photo Screensaver™ 4 supports multiple monitors, there is full support for dual monitor, triple screen and larger configurations build in.

Preview RPS on multi monitor setup

Watch the movie for a brief preview of RPS running a dual screen setup.


Multiple monitors features

Some of the features specifically for dual screen and triple screen setups in RPS are:
  • Stretched panorama photos
    If enabled panorama photos for monitor one, will be automatically stretched over all available monitors. Panoramas can also be stretched for your wallpapers.
  • Clock/filename/metadata only on the screen(s) you want
    You can enable a clock (current time or screensaver running time) / filename and metadata on the screen of your preference. It is possible to have the running time on screen one, and the current time on screen two. See list of vailable shortcuts.
  • Select the monitor to interact with
    Using the 1 ... 9 numeric keys, you can select the monitor you would like to interact with and use and of the available shortcuts, allowing you to navigate back on one of the screens, renaming/rotating/deleting a photo. The also applies for wallpapers, so you can find a nice pictures for monitor 1, set it whilst retaining the background pictures for monitor 2 (as long as it has been set by RPS before).
  • The 0 key selects all monitors again
    Allowing you to interact with all screens simultaneously.