Download Free Lacrosse screensaver (822kB)

Download abScreensaver's free bouncy Lacrosse screensaver. It has a Lacrosse field background with lacrosse balls bouncing over the screensaver. The best screensaver for Lacrosse fans!

Screenshot Lacrosse screensaverThe thumbnail shows the Lacrosse field and the lacrosse balls used in the screensaver. The screenshot doesn't show how hypnotic the screensaver actually is, since the lacrosse balls bounce around on the field.

Lacrosse screensaver features

The Lacrosse screensaver is ready to go after installation, but if you desire you can fully configure it, you can:
  • Select whether lacrosse balls should bounce of each other
  • Set the speed of the lacrosse balls
  • Switch the clock on/off
  • Set the size, font and color of the clock
  • Switch background on and off

Lacrosse screensaver keyboard shortcuts

When the Lacrosse screensaver is running you can use keyboard shortcuts to change its setting.

Lacrosse screensaver system requirements

The Lacrosse screensaver has been developed and tested on Windows XP. It may work on other Windows versions but this has not been tested. Use of the Lacrosse screensaver is entirely at your own risk.

Download Free Lacrosse screensaver (822kB)