Support for multiple monitors

Please note this section applies to the archived version RPS 3, please see latest RPS 4 version.

Dual/triple screen and larger configurations

The Random Photo Screensaver 3.0 supports multiple monitors, there is full support for dual monitor, triple screen and larger configurations build in.

Multiple monitors features

There are some cool features specifically for dual screen and triple screen.

Multiple monitors screenshots

Dual screen previews

The first pictures shows a dual screen preview, where two normal pictures are shown side by side.
Dual screen Random Photo Screensaver Screenshot

The next picture shows an animated screen transition, multi monitor animated transitions will be in the same style for all monitors.
Dual screen animated Random Photo Screensaver Screenshot

The picture shows a panorama photo stretched over both monitors.
Dual screen spanned panorama Random Photo Screensaver Screenshot

The Random Photo Screensaver automatically detects panorama photos. If a panorama photo is detected to be displayed on monitor 1, it is automatically stretched over all available monitors. This works for dual/triple screen and larger configurations. Of course the configuration screen allows you to disable this feature if you prefer.

Clock changing preview

The next set of pictures shows how to select one or all screens and change the clock settings.

You can change the clock settings for all screens simultaneously. You select all monitors by pressing the 0 (zero).
Multi monitors select all screens Random Photo Screensaver Screenshot

Alternatively you can select an individual screen by pressing the corresponding key. The 1 key has been pressed in this example:
Multiple monitors select single monitor Random Photo Screensaver Screenshot

You can now change the clock for an individual screen by pressing the numpad 5 or C key. Screen one shows the screensaver running time and screen two shows the current time.
Change clock on one screen Dual screen Random Photo Screensaver Screenshot