Visual C++ Source Code of the Random Photo Screensaver

This page is for archive purposes only, please see RPS 4 source.

From version 3.4 I'm using Mircosoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition to compile the screensaver.

The source code of the Random Photo Screensaver is released under the same GNU General Public License as the binary. On this page you can download the full source code written in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition.

The source download consists of two parts. A massive zip file containing RPS 3.4 and all of its dependencies (160MB) and the last version of the RPS3 screensaver project only (less then 250kb).

For updates, you can simply update the RPS source files, which will be much much smaller. Future updates will be published on github.

To install read the ReadMe.txt in the zip file. It should be a matter of downloading the full version, extracting it and opening RPS3.0.sln in MSVC 2010. Please let me know how you get on with the source.

At the moment the code isn't thoroughly documented. It's on my to do list to create full documentation so you can more easily extend the existing code, or use it to base your own screensaver creation on.

Please contact me if you've made any improvements to the screensaver.

Download latest update version of the screensaver project